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Our bikes are handpicked to offer the optimal balance of comfort and style, ensuring an enjoyable ride as you explore the breathtaking scenery of Chania and its surrounding areas. Experience the charm of this Greek city on what may just be the coolest bikes in town.

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Introducing Theo - Your Guide for the Alternative Chania Bike Tour

Hello! I'm Theo. Over two decades ago, I left my home in Northern Greece and traveled to Chania, to become a computer engineer.

As a university student, my passion for cycling led me to a citywide bike race. It was during this event that I crossed paths with Eirini, a Chania native who shared my love for cycling. That encounter marked the beginning of an incredible journey!

We both adore leisurely bike rides, traversing the globe, immersing ourselves in nature, and reveling in the company of people from all walks of life. These shared passions formed the foundation of 'Ride Around Chania.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to meet you, ride alongside you, and share our knowledge and deep love for Chania - a place where history intertwines with natural beauty, creating an idyllic and unforgettable backdrop for our cycling tours.

Ride Around Chania bike tour guide Theo

Introducing Dimitris - Your Guide for the Chania Old City Bike Tour

Greetings! I'm Dimitris, a dedicated member of the Ride Around Chania team. Originally from Thessaloniki, I've made Chania my home for the past several years, falling in love with its charm at first sight on my numerous prior visits.

Chania's rich history and cultural fusion weave together a truly unique ambiance. Exploring Chania is more than a casual tour, it's a dive into an atmospheric time capsule. My favorite part? The old town. Here, the imprints of past civilizations are etched into the cityscape, bringing history to life. Each stroll feels like a step back in time, where tales of yore, pivotal events, and poignant moments unfold before your eyes.

As an experienced cyclist, I find great joy in navigating through the old town, widely recognized as one of the safest and most bike-friendly areas in Chania. And as someone who thrives on social interaction, I love meeting new people and sharing the treasure trove of knowledge I've amassed about this enchanting city I now call home.

Ride Around Chania bike tour guide Dimitris

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